We are asking for everyone help. Dear my friend out there, we all love pets. So, let us be a responsible and loving owner. Treat your pets with passion and kind. Thank You, God is blessing you as you are blessing your pets. Wish You have a nice day along with your Pets.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Persian Cat Kitten - Anak Kucing Persia 27/04/10

We have few Persian Cat (Kitten) for you. It's 3 months old, waiting owner to adopt. It's cute and love to pamper it's owner. White and Grey Color.

RM 500,  RM 800 (Sold, Not Available)
Meow-meow, bring me home.

Monday, April 26, 2010

High Grade Portable Pet Toilet With Cleaning Kit

High Grade, Durable, Beautiful Design, Branded unlike any other cheap portable pet toilet in market.. The door will be closed automatically while your pets poo inside, this can give them more Room for Privacy and can prevent the Bad Smell from coming out. Easy to carry around because of the adjustable handle. You separate bottom cover from the upper body, for easier cleaning and maintain. The Cleaning Kit also will be provided. Suitable for small breed dog and cat.

Cat Portable Toilet, Dog Portable Toilet Include Cleaning Kit.
RM199, Now RM 98 Only

Friday, April 23, 2010

Toy Poodle (Red) 23/04/10

Strong red color can be seen in this Toy Poodle Puppy. Good grade and looking good.

Profile: Female, 3 Months Old, Healthy, Obedient.

Don't want wait till others people get it first, this puppy is a good one..

 RM 1,288 (Sold, Not Available)

Small and Cute

Beautiful Color Fur

That's my friend Chihuahua

Toy Poodle (Black) Puppy 23/04/10

This is a beautiful born Toy Poodles,

Profile: 2 Months Old, Both Male, Healthy.

Special Offer Price at RM 900, Now RM 500 Only for a limited time only


Hamster (Hamtaro)

This is a famous type of Hamster that is given Hamtaro as a nickname following the Japanese Anime  Hamtaro (とっとこハム太郎, Tottoko Hamutarō, literally Trotting Hamtaro)

They are very active and easy to survive, they don't need a bath as they can clean themself up.

Their diet contains a variety of foods, including dried food, berries, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Hamtaro won't bite unless your finger got food smell, if that's so they will think it's a food so they will bite.

Put them inside small cage and provide them with a wheel and you can see they are happily running and playing around.

Hi There! Greeting...

The Price is RM20